Sunday, 1 April 2012

Devotion Time - Day 20

Hi there! Here is the next days devotion. I have a sneaking suspicion that somewhere along the way my counting was out because really this devotion should be for today, for Palm Sunday. I'm super sorry about that....and here I was thinking I was getting ahead.....oh well. Hopefully it doesn't muck up all your plans too much and you can still  be inspired to think of some creative ideas to do with your kiddos, and next year we'll have it all worked out!

Day 20

Matthew 21:1-11, Mark 11:1-11, Luke 19:28-40, John 12:12-19
Pages 1 & 2 in “My Very first Easter Story Sticker Book” or “The True King” in The beginner’s Bible p. 427

Treasure Hunt Resources: “My very first Easter Story” sticker book and some palm branches (made out of cardboard if nor real ones on hand!) and some coats.

Beginning Activity/ Chat: After the treasure has been found read pages 1 & 2 from “My very first Easter Story” sticker book. Use the palm branches and coats, have a go at acting out the story. Talk about how exciting it must have been for the people who were there to see Jesus ride into town, knowing that He was their promised Saviour.

If you can get some palm fronds you could also make a palm cross. Instructions here:

1.        Who rode into Jerusalem? (Jesus)
2.        What did he ride on? (A donkey)
3.        Were the people excited to see Jesus? (Yes!)
4.        What did they do as Jesus rode towards them? (They waved branches and laid their coats on the road)

Thank you Lord God for sending Jesus and for teaching us about Him and all He did in the bible. Please help us to understand and know how much you love us this Easter as we read the Easter story each day and help us to be excited about Jesus being our Saviour too. Amen.

Memory Verse Ideas:
Continue practicing the song/actions.
You could make a palm leaf/palm cross banner with the memory verse words/sections written on each leaf and put them together in the right order. Or have palm leaves cut out of paper that the kids have to match up with pictures of coats that have the memory verse written on them. Or walk across with a toy donkey ....

Written and Compiled by Kate McIntosh, April 2012

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