Saturday, 31 March 2012

Lazarus devotion in our house!

Here are some photos from the devotions about Lazarus! The boys were super excited to make our's been a while since we last did this! Can you tell?!

"Lazarus in!"

"Lazarus out!"

"Lazarus in!"

E as Lazarus!! They thought this was very funny!

S didn't last as Lazarus for as long before the paper started breaking!

A trail of destruction left after all the fun!
I wonder how this devotion went in your house and if your kids thought it was as much of a blast as ours did?! (& if you are still finding bits of toilet paper all around the house like I am?!)

Devotion Time - Day 19

....and here is another day! Hooray! I trust and pray that you are all enjoying the devotions and that your kids are learning more about Jesus and how precious we are to Him! xo

Day 19

Mark 14, Luke 7, John 12
“Washed with Tears” p. 280 in The Jesus Story Book Bible.

Treasure Hunt/ Resources: Some perfume or other similar beautiful smelling liquid! A bag for each child.

Beginning Activity/Chat: Save the perfume package until later and don’t open it. Discuss with the kids what precious means and what some of their most precious things they own are. Send them off with their bags to find their most precious (or favourite!) possession. When they are back look at them one by one and talk about why they are precious to them. Do they like sharing this with others? How would they feel if they had to give it away and not have it anymore?

Open the other package and look and smell the perfume. Talk about how back in the days when Jesus lived perfume was  expensive and precious to the people who owned it, so precious that they often just looked at it instead of using it.

In today’s true story from the bible we are going to read about a woman who had a precious jar of perfume and what she chose to do with it.

“Washed with Tears” in the Jesus Storybook Bible, p. 280

1.        Was the woman who came to see Jesus a good or a bad (naughty) person? (She was a bad person who had done a lot of wrong things)
2.        What did the woman do to Jesus? (She washed his feet with her tears and poured expensive perfume over them.)
3.        Did Jesus love and forgive the woman? (Yes! He saw into her heart and knew that she was honestly sorry and forgave her for all the things she’d done wrong.)
4.        Do we need to wash Jesus’ feet to be forgiven? (No we just have to pray and say we are sorry for the things we do that make him sad and ask him to forgive us and he promises that he will.)

Thank you Heavenly Father that you love us so much that you would send Jesus to die for us. Thank you that because he has died for us the wrong things we do that make you sad can be forgiven and we can be friends with you again. Please help us to love and trust you more and more each day. Amen.

Memory Verse Activity:
Continue practicing the song/actions.
You could make an artwork of some kind with the children showing what their precious thing was – or even of a cross – and write under/around it “I am precious to Jesus” and the memory verse could be included on it somewhere too! It could be a good discussion starter as we head into the week before Easter of the connection between what Jesus did for us at Easter, by dying for us and why He did it, because we are precious and incredibly loved by Him.

Written and Comiled by Kate McIntosh, March 2012.

Devotion Time - Day 18

So here we much for finally getting ahead the other day! Yesterday was a little crazy here and I just didn't have time to post and stay ahead! I'll try to again though! Enjoy!

Day 18

Luke 19:1-10
“A short man” p. 413 in The Beginner’s Bible

Treasure Hunt Resources: A tape measure and a variety of objects all differing in height or building blocks/materials

Beginning Activity/Chat: After doing the treasure hunt and collecting all the objects ask the children to line them up from the shortest to the tallest – or ask one to build something short and one something tall.  Then measure each family member and measure how tall everyone is. While doing this, talk about short and tall and how much you can see if you’re only tiny. If there is a big crowd of people and you are short, how might you get yourself high enough to see over the top of the people?

In today’s true story we’re going to find out about a short man and how he solved his problem of not being able to see Jesus from behind all the tall people.

“A short man” in The Beginner’s Bible p. 413

1.        Was Zacchaeus a good man or a sinful man at the beginning of the story? (A sinful/bad man)
2.        Why didn’t Zacchaeus have any friends? (he would cheat them and take more money from people than he should)
3.        What did Zacchaeus do to see Jesus? (He climbed a tree)
4.        How did Jesus change Zacchaeus’s life? (He wanted to be friends with him despite all the bad things he had been doing and forgave him completely when he apologised. Zacchaeus then showed his life was different by giving back all he owed to the people and more!)

“Jesus loved Zacchaeus when nobody else did. He was Zaccaeus’ friend, even when nobody else was. Because Jesus was showing people what God’s love was like – his wonderful, never stopping, never giving up, unbreaking, always and forever love.” The Jesus Story book Bible, p. 270

Dear Father God, Thank you that you forgive us when we say sorry and when we want to change our wrong ways. We are sorry that we don’t always do what you want us to. Please forgive us because of Jesus. Amen.

Memory Verse Activities:
Continue practicing the song/actions.

You could make a huge tree together out of craft bit and pieces! Either a 3D one or one stuck to paper! Following on from the story you could stick Zacchaeus in the tree and cover the tree up with stick on leaves that have the memory verse words/sections written on them. They could see who can be the first to “find” Zacchaeus by uncovering him and them stick the leaves in the right order again, to make the memory verse!

Written and Compiled by Kate McIntosh, March 2012

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Devotion Time - Day 17

...and here is Day 17! I might even be about to finally get further ahead like I had hoped to be this whole time!! Enjoy!!

Day 17

Luke 15:11-32
“The Prodigal Son” p. 397 in The Beginner’s Bible

Treasure Hunt Resources: Small paper plates and other craft bits and pieces that you can use to make a pig’s face with the plate!

Beginning Activity/ Chat: After the treasure hunt have a look at all the craft resources you have and ask the children what they think they might be making! Explain to them that with the plates you will be making pig faces! Use the materials to help each other finish a pig face and put it to the side for later on!

In today’s true story from the bible we are going to hear another story that Jesus told. In this story a man decided that he is better off without his dad and his family and takes everything he has and leaves home. Pretty soon things are not going well for the man and he needs to go home and apologise to his dad and his family for the bad choices he made. His Dad forgives him and throws a party for his son! Just as Jesus celebrates when we apologise for doing the wrong things that make Him sad too.

“The Prodigal Son” in The Beginner’s Bible p. 397

1.        Did the son want to stay at home with his dad at the beginning of the story? (No)
2.        He enjoyed himself at the beginning, but was he happy when he was feeding the pigs? (no)
3.        How did his daddy feel when he came home and said sorry for all his bad choices? (Very happy!) God is like the dad in this story when we say sorry to Him.

“Jesus told people this story to show them what God is like. And to show people what they are like. So they could know, however far they ran, however well they hid, however lost they were – it wouldn’t matter. Because God’s children could never run too far, or be too lost, for God to find them.” The Jesus Story Book Bible, p. 278

Dear Father God, Thank you that you are so happy to forgive us when we are sad and sorry about our sin. Please help us to remember to say sorry to you when we do the wrong thing and make you sad and please help us to learn to always try and do the right thing each day. Amen.

Memory Verse Activities
Continue to practice the song/actions.

Write the memory verse by words or sections onto paper and stick it along a wall. Put the pig faces above the words/sections. Practice saying the verse while pointing to the words and gradually take words/sections away. Once they are all gone bring out cards shaped like food scraps you feed a pig – pea pods, carrots, bread etc. These cards have the same words/sections of the verse written on them. Each child takes a turn to choose a “scrap” to feed to the pigs. They have to listen as you read the word/section and try and figure out which pig they need to “feed” it to, to put it back in the right order! 
Written and Compiled by Kate McIntosh, March 2012.
Some inspiration for this lesson from "Danielle's Place"

Devotion Time - Day 16

Hi there! Here is Day 17 for you all! This one has lots of crafty opportunities that your little ones might enjoy....making sheep! May they all come away knowing just how incredibly God loves each and every one of them now and always. God Bless, Kate

Day 16

Matthew 18:10-14, Luke 15:3-7
“The Lost Sheep” p. 391 in The Beginner’s Bible

Treasure Hunt: Oh No! I have lost my precious lamb, do you think you can help me to find him again?  He’s soft and fluffy and wooly and like to be called Lambie! I think he went to hide our Treasure Map and became lost himself, so when we find him we can get our treasure map and go and find it too!

The treasure when found is a colouring picture of sheep and a shepherd and cotton wool balls or pop corn to stick on to make their wool! Put them aside until after the story.

Beginning Activity/ Chat: Have a think about losing things. Ask the kids have they ever lost anything that was really important and how did they feel when they lost it? Did they keep looking for it until they found it? Did we just leave the lamb and the treasure map lost or did we keep looking until we found it?

In today’s true story from the bible we are going to hear another story Jesus told to teach his followers and friends. In this story he wants us to learn that we are very loved by God and they he will not give up on us until we come to Jesus and ask forgiveness for all the bad things we do. God wants us to be friends with him!

Read “The lost sheep” – in The Beginner’s Bible p. 391 or from another children’s picture book as there are many lovely versions around!

1.        How did the shepherd feel when he lost his sheep? (Sad)
2.        Was the shepherd happy or sad when he found his sheep again? (Very happy)
3.        How does God feel when we say sorry for the wrong things we do (sin) and ask God to forgive us? (Very happy)
4.        Who died for us at Easter time to rescue us from our sins? (Jesus. We could not be friends with God on our own, we needed a Super Saviour like Jesus to help us)

God is just so happy when we realise we need Him and look to Jesus as our rescuer! Without Jesus and his sacrifice dying on the cross for us we wouldn’t be able to be friends with God, all the wrong things we keep doing would get in the way. Praise God that Jesus died for us to take away all those wrong things and make us new again before God!!

Let’s look again at this picture of the shepherd and his sheep. We have some cotton balls/pop corn and some glue here to help us make the sheep’s wool. First we will colour the picture in and then we can stick it on, to help remind us of God’s amazing love for us!

Dear Lord Jesus, Thank you that you love us so much and you always will. I am sorry for the bad things that I have done, please forgive me for those things and help me to love you more.  Please help me to remember to say sorry to you when I do the wrong thing. Thank you that you are so happy when we do say sorry! Amen.

Memory Verse Activities
Continue practicing the song/actions!

You could cut out a whole lot of little sheep and a shepherd. On each sheep you could write a word or section of the memory verse. Then you could play games ordering them behind the shepherd, or taking it in turns to hide one of the sheep and then finding him again. You could even try and figure out which one is missing before you find him. 

Written and Compiled by Kate McIntosh, March 2012.
Some inspiration for this lesson from "Danielle's Place"

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Devotion Time - Day 15

Well here is Day 15! I hope that this can be used to spend time discussing how we can show God's love to those around us, especially to those who might be in need of love and support. Enjoy!

Day 15

“The Good Samaritan” in The Beginner’s Bible p.379

Treasure Hunt Resources: Veggie Tales DVD with “Flibber-o-loo” on it! Two big red hearts cut out of cardboard

Beginning Activity/Chat: After the treasure hunt have a look at the heart and discuss with the children some people that they love, and write their names in the heart. Are these people easy to love and show love to? Then spend a moment talking with them and asking if there are any people that they find it more difficult to love and show love to, and they could be written on the other heart.

Together watch the DVD story of Flibber-o-loo (the veggie tales version of the Good Samaritan!). If you don’t own this you might be able to find similar animations of the story online – maybe on You Tube?!  Discuss who stopped to help and what we should do if we see someone in need.

In today’s story we are going to hear a story that Jesus told, teaching his followers to love others and look out for those in need who might need some help and support. Sometime it might not be easy to show them love, but because of Jesus’ amazing love for us we need to try and be like Him and love others just like Jesus.

Read “The Good Samaritan” in The Beginner’s bible p.379

1.        Did the robbers love and help the man? (No)
2.        Did the important priest or temple worker love and help the man? (No)
3.        Did the Samaritan love and help the man? (Yes)
4.        Who does Jesus want us to be like? (The Samaritan who loved and helped the man)

If you would like there is a colouring in “book” you can make of the story found here:

Dear Lord Jesus, Thank you that you love and help us even more than the kind Samaritan. I’m sorry that I don’t always love and help people like you would like me to. Please forgive me and help me to look out for others in need. Amen.

You could use the hearts with the names as prayer prompts for the children to pray for others, especially those who they might have more trouble showing love to.

Memory Verse Activities:
Continue practicing song/actions!
You could make a heart collage with the children and write the memory verse around the edge of the heart when finished!
Written and Compiled by Kate McIntosh, March 2012

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Devotion Time - Day 14

Hi there! I hope you have another beautiful day wherever you are reading this from! Here is Day 14 for you and your kids to enjoy! May God be with you and bless your families as you live for Him today xox

Day 14

John 11:1-44
“Lazarus lives again” in The Beginner’s Bible, p. 418

Treasure Hunt Resources: Materials needed to make a cubby house like cave!

Beginning Activity/ Chat: Send the children out to find the treasure. When they come back ask them to have a look at it the materials and ask the children what they think they might be able to make with them. Tell them that we are going to use them to make a cubby cave, a little bit like the type of caves they used to put people after they had died back in Jesus’ time.
Build the cave and put a line running past the cave entrance for the kids to jump over. In this game we are going to pretend to be Lazarus, who is the man from our story that we will read in a little while!
We are going to play a game with this cave. What you are going to have to do is listen really carefully and see if you can follow my instructions. When I call out “Lazarus, in the cave” you have to jump back inside the cave and when I call out “Lazarus, come out of the cave” you have to jump back out and over the line. I might try and trick you though and if you don’t follow my instructions correctly you will be out. We’ll keep doing it until we only have one “Lazarus” left in the cave! 
If you only have a little family and not the numbers to play this game as suggested, you might like to join in or modify it to suit your families needs!

Today in our true story from the bible we are going to hear about another amazing healing miracle that Jesus did, for a man named Lazarus. In this story he did more than just healing Lazarus he brought him back to life again!

Read “Lazarus lives again” in The Beginner’s Bible p. 418

1.        Why was Martha sad at the start of the story? (Her brother had died)
2.        Did Lazarus stay dead? (No! Jesus healed him and made him alive again!)

What another amazing example of how incredible and powerful Jesus is. He was starting to make the sad things in this world right again and beginning to help God’s world to mend and be fixed again. This work he would finish by dying on the cross for us, taking away all our sins and bringing us back close to God again. Jesus truly is so amazingly loving and gracious to us, and still is today. He is always there when we need Him in the really tough times, when things are sad for us, all we need to do is call out to Him and He will be there waiting to show us His love and to look after us.

If you would like an extra activity now – or instead of the beginning one, you could have a race to see how fast you can wrap someone up in a toilet paper roll to make them look like Lazarus when he was in the tomb!

Dear Father God, Thank you that Jesus is so powerful and could make Lazarus well and alive again! Please help me to know and believe that you love me so much and are always with me, even when things feel tough. Amen.

Memory Verse Activities:
Continue practicing song/actions.

You might like to write the memory verse on a long strip of fabric. You could then wrap someone up, just like Lazarus would have been, and as you unroll Lazarus and bring him back to “life” say the memory verse together as it appears and is unrolled off the person pretending to be Lazarus! If you don’t have a willing volunteer, you could either do it yourself or use a doll!

Written and Compiled by Kate McIntosh, March 2012

Monday, 26 March 2012

Devotion Time - Day 13

Well just in the nick of time I'll make it in with this next devotion! This one I found a little hard to think of practical activities for, so see how you go! I was hoping to an extra one posted today...but that was not to be! We had absolutely exhausted children tonight and after helping feed the neighbours kids for dinner and dealing with C who bumped his teeth again and made them bleed again (thankfully no where near as bad!) we sent them to bed and will catch up tomorrow!
Hope your kids are enjoying them!

Day 13

Luke 8
“A little girl and a poor frail lady” The Jesus Story book Bible p. 214

Treasure Hunt Resources: Doctors playthings and the “Jesus” games and activities pack (

Beginning Activity/Chat: Send the children to find the treasure and when they bring them back ask them to look at them one at a time. As they pull out the doctors toys (or pictures of doctors equipment if you don’t have any!) ask them what they have and what it is used for. When they have opened all of them and you have a range of doctors things to look at, see if they can find any similarities about them. Do they all get used by doctors? Who do doctors look after? What are these tools used for?
If you’d like to use the “Jesus” pack here for the story you can as it is one of the stories included in the little book! Otherwise you could open it afterwards and do the activities together.
Today in our true story from the bible we are going to hear about Jesus caring for the sick and healing one precious little girl who was very sick.

“A little girl and a poor frail lady” The Jesus Storybook Bible p 214 or “Jesus” the activity pack mentioned above!

1.        What was wrong with the little girl in this story? (She was very, very sick)
2.        Who did her Dad go and find to help her? (Jesus. He knew that Jesus could heal her and make her well again)
3.        Did Jesus and the little girl’s Dad get back to her in time? (No she had died while her Dad was gone)
4.        What did Jesus do when he got there? (He healed her and made her alive again!)

After you have read the story talk about how Jesus was doing all these amazing things so that people could see and believe that he is God. Discuss how it is important to know these stories so that we can understand how powerful Jesus is and how much he loves his people and is taking care of them – including us!
If you’d like to do the rest of the activities in the pack, do them now!!

Wow Jesus! You really are amazing! Thank you that you have the power to make people well again. Please help us to know your great love for us and to trust in you each day that we live. Amen.

Memory Verse Activities:
Keep practicing the song/actions! 
You could continue talking about how Jesus is the world’s healer and how he has come to make us right again (well) with God. As you do this you could make a big pretend band-aid and write the memory verse on it and decorate it, to remind us that without Jesus’ sacrifice for us we would still be sick and sinful and unable to be right with God!
You could talk together about anyone that you know who is sick at the moment and ways that you might be able to reach out and help them and be a caring friend. You could begin with making them a special card and putting the memory verse in it somewhere to encourage them.

Written and Compiled by Kate McIntosh, March 2012

Day 11 in our house

Here are some photos of our adventures in building for Day 11! The boys had a great time helping to build the house and then the story was adapted somewhat....
Checking out the hole in the roof!

The stairs we built up one side and then quickly realised were not going to be big enough to get all the way to the roof...

So we went round the corner and kept building! Just a little bit of a hike to get the sick man to the top!

...and this is where the story became a little different! Maybe it was because of all those steps....or just because our boys LOVE helicopters....

...I love the fact that even Buzz and the little Toy Story alien were even there!...

...and no longer did they need to lower him themselves through the roof...a rescue helicopter was on hand instead!...

...until it crashed and couldn't get through the hole in the roof without removing the  blades on top... least we had a handy rescue bed to help out in our re-enactment!
So there you have it! The boys had heaps of fun and they know there was no helicopter in the story or Buzz, an alien or Bob & Wendy....I promise!!

In our house...

Here'ssome devotion happenings from our house.....!
We used oil pastels and food colouring and water to decorate our big letters for Day 10!

Some of the words the boys came up with!

All together on their bedroom wall! We'll see how much they continue to remember, but it has been amazing just to see the difference in their depth of understanding from last year!
I'm still yet to find and paint little rocks to match their letters, but that will come, probably on our next visit down to the river!!

Back soon with some more photos to share!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Devotion Time _ Day 12

....and here is Day 12!! :o)

Day 12

John 9: 1-12
 “Jesus Heals a blind beggar” p. 371 in The Beginner’s Bible

Treasure Hunt Resources: A blindfold and a bag full of familiar items.

Beginning Activity/Chat: One at a time, use the blindfold to put over the children’s eyes. Once blindfolded ask them to reach into the bag and feel and guess what the items in there are, from the feel of them. If they make noises you could use that as a clue too. Choose items that would be familiar to them to help make it more achievable for the little ones!  Use this activity as a basis for discussing just what it might be like to be blind and not be able to see anything around you. How might that make them feel?

In the true story from the bible today we are going to hear about a man who was blind and what happened when Jesus came to visit him!

“Jesus Heals a blind beggar” in the Beginner’s Bible p. 371


1.        What was wrong with the man’s eyes in this story? (He was blind and couldn’t see)
2.        What was it that Jesus put on the man’s eyes? (Mud)
3.        After he washed the mud off could the man see again? (Yes!)

If you would like an extra activity you could have fun doing some drawing with your eyes closed or covered, simulating a little of what life must be like for someone who cannot see. Or play pin the tail on the donkey. You could look at some Braille writing.  They could be a good platform for talking more about how difficult life must be for people who can’t see.

Dear Jesus, thank you for healing the blind man and helping him to see again. Thank you that if it’s your will, you can do miracles and heal sick people. Please teach us to know Jesus better. Amen.

Memory Verse Activities:
Continue practicing singing the song and doing the actions- maybe while they jump on the trampoline, or have a bath or somewhere different that makes it more exciting!

You could play a game where you have the words from the verse stuck on the wall and one person has to go away from the others where they cannot hear or see the rest of the family. While they are gone one word is taken away. When they come back they either say it with everyone as each word is pointed to, or by themselves if they are able, to figure out the missing word. If you need to make it harder more than one word could be removed!

Written and Compiled by Kate McIntosh, March 2012

Devotion Time - Day 11

Hi there!! Here is the post that I should have given you all yesterday sorry! We were gone from very early till very late at our church camp for the day! We had lots of fun, but are very tired today!! I will get another post or two up for you in the next little while to catch up! Enjoy!! Kate

Day 11

Matthew 9:1-8, Mark 2:1-12, Luke 5:17-26
“A hole in the roof” p. 328 in The Beginner’s Bible

Treasure Hunt Resources: An empty tissue box, and other materials needed to model the story!

Beginning Activity/Chat: Have the children go and find their crafty treasure. Have a look at the materials and ask the children if they think they know what they might be making. Keep it a surprise and read the story together first!

In our true story from the bible today we are going to hear about a man who was paralysed and his very loving friends who took him to find Jesus to be healed.

Read “A hole in the roof” Beginner’s Bible p.328


1.        Why were all the people together at the house? (Because Jesus was there and they had heard he was healing people and making them well again!)
2.        Were there just a few people there to see Jesus or lots of people? (Lots of people! There were so many people there they couldn’t all fit in the house!)
3.        What did the paralysed man’s friends do to help him get in and see Jesus? (They went up onto the roof and lowered him down through a hole in the roof)
4.        What did Jesus do when the man was lowered down in front of Him? (He told the man that he could stand up and walk again. That because of his faith in Jesus his sins were forgiven and he was well again!)

Together use the craft materials to build the house from the story and the mat to lower the man down. As you build it talk with the kids about how it might feel to be paralysed and how exciting it would have been to know that Jesus could heal this man, as indeed he can still heal today.

Thank you, Lord Jesus for you amazing miracles that you have in the bible. Thank you that you can still do miracles today. Please help us to always have faith in you and trust you with all our hearts. Amen

Memory Verse Activities:
Continue practicing the song and actions to the verse!

For something different and fun if you have a camera that can record video, you could get the children to put on a show for you and record them saying/singing their memory verse in the way that is the most memorable for it the song and actions, posters with pictures, while they are standing on their head etc!!! If they are old enough they could even help be the ones taking the video with the camera too. Then you can have some fun watching them afterwards together!

Written and Compiled by Kate McIntosh, March 2012

Friday, 23 March 2012

Devotion Time - Day 10

Hi all! Here is Day 10 for you! 
I have photos from our house to share, but we had an emergency evening last night with several teeth nearly knocked out in our two year olds mouth and my amazing husband has been away at a conference and church camp is I'm afraid they'll have to wait a couple of days sorry! If you have a moment & would like to pray for Caleb, that he will keep his teeth and not have to lose them....2 is just a little bit young to go without your front teeth! As always God gave us many glimpses of His love throughout it all and I'm sure will continue too, but it's a little overwhelming to think about too deeply at the moment! 
God Bless you all! xo

Day 10

Matthew 6 – “How to Pray” p.222 The Jesus Story Book Bible or “The Lord’s Prayer” p. 323 The Beginner’s Bible

Treasure Hunt Resources:  Big letters spelling ACTS and a little pebble or rock colour coded to match the letter.

Beginning Activity/Chat: Send the children on their treasure hunt and begin by looking at the letters and explain how they can help us remember how to pray and talk to God.  The “A’ is for Adoration or praising God, the “C” is for Confession or saying sorry to God for the things we do wrong, the “T” is for thanksgiving or saying thank you to God and the “S” is for supplication or the things we want to ask God to do or help us to do. Brainstorm together some words that might be good ones for using within each letter’s category when we pray. Take each of the coloured pebbles and talk about how they are for the kids to put in their room (or wherever they read their bibles and pray) to help remind them of the letters and the model that Jesus gave us for how to pray.
In today’s true story from the bible we are going to hear Jesus teaching people how to pray.

“How to Pray” The Jesus Storybook bible p.222 or “The Lord’s Prayer” Beginner’s bible p. 323


1.        Does God like it when we pray and talk to him every day? (Yes! He is always listening to us – to our words we speak and the words and thoughts in our hearts because he loves us)
2.        Do we need to use big and impressive words when we talk to God? (No, he loves us and wants us to talk to him just like we do to someone we love very much)

Talking to God each day is so important and can be really exciting, just like when we spend time talking to our close friends and family. God longs for us to have a close friendship with Him and part of doing that means that we need to spend time praying and talking with Him...and not just talking but learning to listen when he speaks to our hearts too. It’s a little bit hard to understand at first, but the more we talk to God and practice talking to Him the easier and more fulfilling it can become. God is always with us and always ready to listen to us, in our out loud voices and our quiet ones too!

Thank you, Lord God that you love us so much. Thank you that you love to hear us talk to you and that you are always listening. Please help us to always remember to talk to you every day. Amen.

Memory Verse Activities:
Continue practicing the song and actions.

Use photo editing program to make some photos of the kids look really funny/distorted and print them out. Cut them up into puzzles and as you practice the verse and they remember each word or section of the verse they can add another piece of the puzzle and have a great laugh together at the end when they see the crazy photos!