Monday, 26 March 2012

Devotion Time - Day 13

Well just in the nick of time I'll make it in with this next devotion! This one I found a little hard to think of practical activities for, so see how you go! I was hoping to an extra one posted today...but that was not to be! We had absolutely exhausted children tonight and after helping feed the neighbours kids for dinner and dealing with C who bumped his teeth again and made them bleed again (thankfully no where near as bad!) we sent them to bed and will catch up tomorrow!
Hope your kids are enjoying them!

Day 13

Luke 8
“A little girl and a poor frail lady” The Jesus Story book Bible p. 214

Treasure Hunt Resources: Doctors playthings and the “Jesus” games and activities pack (

Beginning Activity/Chat: Send the children to find the treasure and when they bring them back ask them to look at them one at a time. As they pull out the doctors toys (or pictures of doctors equipment if you don’t have any!) ask them what they have and what it is used for. When they have opened all of them and you have a range of doctors things to look at, see if they can find any similarities about them. Do they all get used by doctors? Who do doctors look after? What are these tools used for?
If you’d like to use the “Jesus” pack here for the story you can as it is one of the stories included in the little book! Otherwise you could open it afterwards and do the activities together.
Today in our true story from the bible we are going to hear about Jesus caring for the sick and healing one precious little girl who was very sick.

“A little girl and a poor frail lady” The Jesus Storybook Bible p 214 or “Jesus” the activity pack mentioned above!

1.        What was wrong with the little girl in this story? (She was very, very sick)
2.        Who did her Dad go and find to help her? (Jesus. He knew that Jesus could heal her and make her well again)
3.        Did Jesus and the little girl’s Dad get back to her in time? (No she had died while her Dad was gone)
4.        What did Jesus do when he got there? (He healed her and made her alive again!)

After you have read the story talk about how Jesus was doing all these amazing things so that people could see and believe that he is God. Discuss how it is important to know these stories so that we can understand how powerful Jesus is and how much he loves his people and is taking care of them – including us!
If you’d like to do the rest of the activities in the pack, do them now!!

Wow Jesus! You really are amazing! Thank you that you have the power to make people well again. Please help us to know your great love for us and to trust in you each day that we live. Amen.

Memory Verse Activities:
Keep practicing the song/actions! 
You could continue talking about how Jesus is the world’s healer and how he has come to make us right again (well) with God. As you do this you could make a big pretend band-aid and write the memory verse on it and decorate it, to remind us that without Jesus’ sacrifice for us we would still be sick and sinful and unable to be right with God!
You could talk together about anyone that you know who is sick at the moment and ways that you might be able to reach out and help them and be a caring friend. You could begin with making them a special card and putting the memory verse in it somewhere to encourage them.

Written and Compiled by Kate McIntosh, March 2012

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