Friday, 16 March 2012

Day 1 in our house!

Well Day One saw me seizing the moment of opportunity in the afternoon after school to take our boys on an old T-Shirt hunt to make some more capes! (Never mind that this house already has 4 or 5....who doesn't need more capes with three little boys?!)

I didn't have time to wrap the treasure as I said I often do, but they enjoyed it all the same! After we found the shirts they helped me cut the cape shape out.

They then helped me choose and trace out the picture they wanted freezer paper stencilled on the back and watched me cut them out with great anticipation!!
Then came the painting time....

Naturally a dinosaur and a plane!!
....and then they bounced out of bed this morning busting to peel the paper off and see their picture!

As soon as the capes were over their heads they flew off and it was VERY difficult to get them to stand still long enough to take a picture of their finished cape! E wore his to school and S wore another one we made this time last year for St. Patrick's Day to preschool and they had to come dressed up today!
Ta Da!!!
After all the excitement of painting before dinner we finished off the devotions after their baths when they were going to bed. They really love listening to stories from the Jesus Story book Bible and E often stops me and asks to read certain sections again - last night it was the part about Jesus not being born in a palace as one might have expected. I think he enjoys the poetic nature of the writing and the funny comments they sometimes make - like when the languages get confused in the tower to heaven story!
My DVD with the Super Saviour song is at church for Tiny Tots, so we couldn't do that sadly! However we did sing the memory verse song together and they watched and listened to me for a bit before E declared that he HAD to get out of bed to do the actions! It was very funny! By this stage S was pretty much we'll have to work on that more in today's time!

So there you have it! The craziness of fitting in meaningful activities with small children! I hope that things are going well for those of you who have been inspired to give it a go too! God Bless, Kate

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