Monday, 19 March 2012

Our family Day 4!

Well the lollies were highly appealing in our house!! The boys were very excited to go on their treasure hunt and to find lollies waiting for them! They were so amazing at waiting to have them and surprised us in their self control! They had the funniest conversation while I went to get the bible about how they couldn't eat them yet and when they thought they'd be allowed to! 

I thought I'd include this to show you their pictures on the wall from day 2! They make a nice addition to the word Jesus which was  left over from our Christmas advent activities!
I continue to hope and pray that God will use the activities in families other than ours and to help point other little ones to Jesus this Easter in a fun and meaningful way! I hope your kids are having as much fun as ours are! Every Blessing, Kate xo

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