Saturday, 31 March 2012

Devotion Time - Day 19

....and here is another day! Hooray! I trust and pray that you are all enjoying the devotions and that your kids are learning more about Jesus and how precious we are to Him! xo

Day 19

Mark 14, Luke 7, John 12
“Washed with Tears” p. 280 in The Jesus Story Book Bible.

Treasure Hunt/ Resources: Some perfume or other similar beautiful smelling liquid! A bag for each child.

Beginning Activity/Chat: Save the perfume package until later and don’t open it. Discuss with the kids what precious means and what some of their most precious things they own are. Send them off with their bags to find their most precious (or favourite!) possession. When they are back look at them one by one and talk about why they are precious to them. Do they like sharing this with others? How would they feel if they had to give it away and not have it anymore?

Open the other package and look and smell the perfume. Talk about how back in the days when Jesus lived perfume was  expensive and precious to the people who owned it, so precious that they often just looked at it instead of using it.

In today’s true story from the bible we are going to read about a woman who had a precious jar of perfume and what she chose to do with it.

“Washed with Tears” in the Jesus Storybook Bible, p. 280

1.        Was the woman who came to see Jesus a good or a bad (naughty) person? (She was a bad person who had done a lot of wrong things)
2.        What did the woman do to Jesus? (She washed his feet with her tears and poured expensive perfume over them.)
3.        Did Jesus love and forgive the woman? (Yes! He saw into her heart and knew that she was honestly sorry and forgave her for all the things she’d done wrong.)
4.        Do we need to wash Jesus’ feet to be forgiven? (No we just have to pray and say we are sorry for the things we do that make him sad and ask him to forgive us and he promises that he will.)

Thank you Heavenly Father that you love us so much that you would send Jesus to die for us. Thank you that because he has died for us the wrong things we do that make you sad can be forgiven and we can be friends with you again. Please help us to love and trust you more and more each day. Amen.

Memory Verse Activity:
Continue practicing the song/actions.
You could make an artwork of some kind with the children showing what their precious thing was – or even of a cross – and write under/around it “I am precious to Jesus” and the memory verse could be included on it somewhere too! It could be a good discussion starter as we head into the week before Easter of the connection between what Jesus did for us at Easter, by dying for us and why He did it, because we are precious and incredibly loved by Him.

Written and Comiled by Kate McIntosh, March 2012.

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