Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Day 5 in our house!

Here are some photos from Day 5 in our house! The boys love this practical illustration of just what it must have been like for the people there at the wedding with Jesus! They have seen me do it before and remembered fact I only had to mention the story and they were asking to see it again! So that it why you see little fingers doing the "trick", rather than us.

A jug (not see through) and food colouring are needed...a few drops of food colouring are put in the bottom without the kids knowing....

....and then water tipped in the jug from a glass, so that it's obviously just water....

....then tipped back into the glass....

....and it looks somewhat like wine now!!! Amazing!!!
Even though the boys know exactly what I am doing, I just love the look of wonder and excitement on their faces when we do this "trick"! I do really think it goes a little way towards helping them visualise what it might have been like to be there that night, watching Jesus perform his incredible miracle.

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