Thursday, 15 March 2012

Devotion time - Day 2

Well folks here is Day 2! I'm trying to get a few up quickly so that you have time to prepare in advance!
I pray they are enjoyable and low stress to prepare and do with your families, as I know that makes it so much easier with little ones!
God Bless, Kate

Day 2

Luke 2:1-7
“Baby Jesus is born”

Treasure Hunt resources: Paddle pop sticks, PVA glue, nativity characters

Beginning Activity/Chat: To begin with send the children out on the treasure hunt for the paddle pop sticks first. When they have found them, open them up and spend some time building a stable together with the sticks and glue. As they make them talk about who might live inside a stable like this?
Once finished you can either send the children out to find more “treasures” (the nativity characters) or you can just have them handy to put inside the stable and even use them to act out the story. 

At this point you can either go on with the bible story or continue encouraging the Super Saviour theme by singing Colin Buchanan’s “Super Saviour” song again with the capes from yesterday to make it super fun!

Let’s read about the day baby Jesus was born in our true story from the bible.

Beginners Bible p. 271

This true story from the bible tells us that:

1.        Who was the baby born in the story? (Jesus)
2.        Where was he born? (In Bethlehem in a stable. There was no room for them stay anywhere else. What an unusual place for a king to be born.)
3.        Do you think baby Jesus might be the secret rescuer that Isaiah talked about yesterday? (YES!)

Isn’t it incredible that our Saviour and King, Jesus, should be born in a place that was made for animals to live. No fancy palaces or comfy beds. Instead God gave the world his wonderful gift, in the quiet of the night, a baby who would grow up to rescue us by dying on the cross at Easter time for us, and then returning to heaven to prepare a place for us to be with Him one day!

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you so much for having a rescue plan for your people! Thank you so much that it was Jesus! Thank you that he grew up to save us by dying on the cross for us, so that we could be friends with you again. Amen.

Extra Memory Verse Activity:
Some suggestions for things you could do today are:
Continue practicing the song and actions listed in yesterday’s devotion.
The children could help you draw some pictures/symbols to go with the words. Then you could display it on the wall and the pictures might help them to learn it before they are able to read!
You could have fun playing a game together saying it in different and funny voices – loud, soft, crazy, high, low etc....

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