Saturday, 17 March 2012

Devotion Time - Day 4

Good morning! Here is Day 4 for you all! Enjoy!

Day 4

Jesus is tempted in the desert and chooses his helpers – Matthew 4, Mark 1 & Luke 4-6

Treasure Hunt Resources: Wrapped up lollies and a photo of the kids special friends

Beginning Activity/ Chat:
(Make sure before you begin that you leave the bible in another room to collect later!)
Send the children to do the treasure hunt first. Talk up the treasure making it really exciting! Remind them that today when they find the treasure they are not to open it straight away!
Ask the children to hold the “treasure” in their hands in front of them (still wrapped up) and ask them how they feel knowing that they have found the treasure but can’t have it yet? Let them unwrap it and see what it is. Collect the lollies and move them out of reach and tell them they are not allowed to eat them yet. Tell the children that you’ve left the bible in another room and say that you’ll just have to go and get it. As you leave remind them they are not allowed the lollies yet! Watch from out of view to see if they are feeling tempted by the lollies and before it gets too much for them, return to them. Ask them if they wanted to eat the lollies while no one was watching. How did it feel having the lollies sitting there and knowing that you couldn’t have them yet?
Allow them them to eat their lollies and while you show them the photos of their friends and ask them who they can see. Talk about our special friends and how blessed we are to have such loving friends.
Today we’re going to read about a time when the devil tried to tempt Jesus and meet 12 of Jesus’ very special friends in our true story from the bible.

The Jesus Storybook Bible p. 208 “Let’s Go!’

1.        Who tried to tempt Jesus to do the wrong things out in the desert? (God’s enemy, Satan)
2.        Did Jesus stay strong and keep trusting in God? (Yes!)
3.        How many special friends did Jesus find to help him with His Great Rescue plans? (12, called his disciples)

How wonderful that Jesus is so powerful and strong and could stand up to the temptations that Satan, the enemy, put before Him. He wasn’t like Adam, or even us when we are tempted to do the wrong thing (like eat lollies when we shouldn’t!) and he knew God loved Him and that he should trust God no matter what. Just like we should! Thank goodness we have a big, strong, powerful God on our side who will help us!
Imagine meeting Jesus and being able to be his special helper and friend just like the disciples did that day by Galilee! That would have been so exciting for them. Thankfully even though we can’t see Jesus like they did that day, we can still be his special friends and are loved by Him. He still needs special helpers to help him do his work and tell others about Him and how much he loves them, and we can help Him do that exciting work! What a privilege!

Dear Lord Jesus, Thank you for staying strong and trusting in God when things were really tough. Please help me to always trust in you in the same way, every day of my life. Amen.

Memory Verse!
Continue singing and dancing to the actions of John 3:16 (day 1 has link!)

Have a treasure hunt for pieces of the verse. Either write it out in sections and stick underneath chairs or other interesting places around the house or have a bucket of sand that you hide the pieces of paper in or tape them to the kids big building blocks and they have to search through the tub to find the blocks with the words on them.....then together help the children say and put the verse back into the right order again!

Written and Compiled by Kate McIntosh, March 2012

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