Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Resource List & Overview

Here is an overview of where we head each day with the Easter devotions and some of the resources you might need.

Day 1 - Isaiah's prophecies of Jesus

  • The Jesus Story Book Bible (JSBB)
  • Colin Buchanan's "Super Saviour" song
  • Old T-shirts and velcro or ribbon to make capes
  • Cardboard and red, blue, yellow paper and or paint
Day 2 - Revisiting the Nativity and Jesus' birth

  • The Beginner's Bible (BB)
  • Paddle pop sticks & PVA glue 
  • Nativity character figurines
Day 3 - Jesus as a child

  • BB
  • Something very precious to you! A jewel or something similar
Day 4 - The temptations of Jesus and finding his 12 disciples

  • JSBB
  • Wrapped up lollies and photos of your children's special friends
Day 5 - Miracles of nature 1 - Water into wine

  • BB
  • Water pistols or other water play items!
  • A jug that cannot be seen through and red food colouring
Day 6 - Miracles of nature 2 - Calming the storm

  • BB
  • Materials to make orange peel boats
  • bath or water play tub and toy boat
Day 7 - Miracles of nature 3 - Jesus walk on water

  • BB
  • Items that sink and float
  • a place to use the sinking and floating toys!
Day 8 - Miracles of nature Jesus feeds 5000

  • BB
  • A small bread roll, a few pieces of pasta, something that would obviously not feed your whole family for dinner!
Day 9 - Jesus teaches on a mountain

  • BB
  • Playdough
  • Pictures of the beauty around us in nature!
Day 10 - The Lord's prayer

  • JSBB
  • Cardboard letters spelling ACTS and a little pebble or rock colour coded to match the letters!
Day 11 - Jesus' Healing Miracles 1 - The paralysed man

  • BB
  • An empty tissue box and any other craft material needed to make a model of the story!
Day 12 - Jesus' Healing Miracles 2 - The blind man

  • BB
  • A blindfold and a sack of familiar items
Day 13 - Jesus' Healing Miracles 3 - Jairus's daughter

Day 14 -Jesus Healing Miracles 4 - Lazarus

  • BB
  • Little bags for each child to use and collect things in!
Day 15 - Jesus' stories - The good Samaritan

Day 16 -  Jesus' stories - The Lost sheep
  • A children's version of the story such as this. I can't find the ones I have listed on the Koorong site unfortunately, so I can't personally vouch for any of the others on there!
Day 17 -  Jesus' stories - The prodigal son
  • BB
  • Small paper plates and paddle pop sticks,  wool and other craft bits and pieces!
Day 18 - Jesus loving the unlovable/sinners - Zacchaeus
  • BB
  • A tape measure and a variety of objects all differing in height or building blocks/materials
Day 19 - Jesus loving the unlovable/sinners - The sinful woman washing Jesus' feet
  • JSBB
  • Some perfume or other beautiful smelling liquid! 
  • A bag for each child to collect things in
Day 20 - Triumphal Entry
Day 21 - The Servant King
  • BB
  • A bucket of warm water and a washer
  • A children's story book about Easter such as some of these! 
Day 22 - The last Supper
  • BB
  • Food needed to cook a passover meal to share as a family
  • "The first Easter" puzzle book
Day 23 - Jesus is arrested
  • BB or JSBB
  • The sticker book from before
  • T-Bags and matches
Day 24 - Jesus is crucified
  • JSBB or BB
  • A hammer and nails
  • Ingredients for resurrection cookies
Day 25 - Jesus is Risen!
  • BB or JSBB
  • Hollow Easter eggs
  • A big Basket
Day 26 - Jesus returns to his friends
  • BB or JSBB 
  • Blindfolds!
Day 27 - Jesus goes home
  • BB or JSBB
  • Drawing things and or building materials!
  • Cardboard and materials to decorate the cardboard
Day 28 - The Holy Spirit comes
  • JSBB or BB
  • Materials to make headbands with a "flame" on them and appropriate decoration materials like glitter!
Day 29 - Jesus is coming again!
  • JSBB or BB
  • Photos of the kids favourite cake, toys, anything precious that they would love to be given as a gift (You will also need the actual item for later on too!)

So there you have the outline of what the devotions cover over the Easter period! While I have listed things you will need for the later devotions, don't go too crazy shopping yet as they may be amended and changed a little. I have the devotions written from last year, but have decided to refine and hopefully improve them as I go! 

I pray that this list is inspiring to many other young families, especially to encourage family time that involves practical activities as well as reading God's word together!

Back soon with Day One!!


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