Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Devotion Time - Day 14

Hi there! I hope you have another beautiful day wherever you are reading this from! Here is Day 14 for you and your kids to enjoy! May God be with you and bless your families as you live for Him today xox

Day 14

John 11:1-44
“Lazarus lives again” in The Beginner’s Bible, p. 418

Treasure Hunt Resources: Materials needed to make a cubby house like cave!

Beginning Activity/ Chat: Send the children out to find the treasure. When they come back ask them to have a look at it the materials and ask the children what they think they might be able to make with them. Tell them that we are going to use them to make a cubby cave, a little bit like the type of caves they used to put people after they had died back in Jesus’ time.
Build the cave and put a line running past the cave entrance for the kids to jump over. In this game we are going to pretend to be Lazarus, who is the man from our story that we will read in a little while!
We are going to play a game with this cave. What you are going to have to do is listen really carefully and see if you can follow my instructions. When I call out “Lazarus, in the cave” you have to jump back inside the cave and when I call out “Lazarus, come out of the cave” you have to jump back out and over the line. I might try and trick you though and if you don’t follow my instructions correctly you will be out. We’ll keep doing it until we only have one “Lazarus” left in the cave! 
If you only have a little family and not the numbers to play this game as suggested, you might like to join in or modify it to suit your families needs!

Today in our true story from the bible we are going to hear about another amazing healing miracle that Jesus did, for a man named Lazarus. In this story he did more than just healing Lazarus he brought him back to life again!

Read “Lazarus lives again” in The Beginner’s Bible p. 418

1.        Why was Martha sad at the start of the story? (Her brother had died)
2.        Did Lazarus stay dead? (No! Jesus healed him and made him alive again!)

What another amazing example of how incredible and powerful Jesus is. He was starting to make the sad things in this world right again and beginning to help God’s world to mend and be fixed again. This work he would finish by dying on the cross for us, taking away all our sins and bringing us back close to God again. Jesus truly is so amazingly loving and gracious to us, and still is today. He is always there when we need Him in the really tough times, when things are sad for us, all we need to do is call out to Him and He will be there waiting to show us His love and to look after us.

If you would like an extra activity now – or instead of the beginning one, you could have a race to see how fast you can wrap someone up in a toilet paper roll to make them look like Lazarus when he was in the tomb!

Dear Father God, Thank you that Jesus is so powerful and could make Lazarus well and alive again! Please help me to know and believe that you love me so much and are always with me, even when things feel tough. Amen.

Memory Verse Activities:
Continue practicing song/actions.

You might like to write the memory verse on a long strip of fabric. You could then wrap someone up, just like Lazarus would have been, and as you unroll Lazarus and bring him back to “life” say the memory verse together as it appears and is unrolled off the person pretending to be Lazarus! If you don’t have a willing volunteer, you could either do it yourself or use a doll!

Written and Compiled by Kate McIntosh, March 2012

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