Friday, 23 March 2012

Devotion Time - Day 10

Hi all! Here is Day 10 for you! 
I have photos from our house to share, but we had an emergency evening last night with several teeth nearly knocked out in our two year olds mouth and my amazing husband has been away at a conference and church camp is I'm afraid they'll have to wait a couple of days sorry! If you have a moment & would like to pray for Caleb, that he will keep his teeth and not have to lose them....2 is just a little bit young to go without your front teeth! As always God gave us many glimpses of His love throughout it all and I'm sure will continue too, but it's a little overwhelming to think about too deeply at the moment! 
God Bless you all! xo

Day 10

Matthew 6 – “How to Pray” p.222 The Jesus Story Book Bible or “The Lord’s Prayer” p. 323 The Beginner’s Bible

Treasure Hunt Resources:  Big letters spelling ACTS and a little pebble or rock colour coded to match the letter.

Beginning Activity/Chat: Send the children on their treasure hunt and begin by looking at the letters and explain how they can help us remember how to pray and talk to God.  The “A’ is for Adoration or praising God, the “C” is for Confession or saying sorry to God for the things we do wrong, the “T” is for thanksgiving or saying thank you to God and the “S” is for supplication or the things we want to ask God to do or help us to do. Brainstorm together some words that might be good ones for using within each letter’s category when we pray. Take each of the coloured pebbles and talk about how they are for the kids to put in their room (or wherever they read their bibles and pray) to help remind them of the letters and the model that Jesus gave us for how to pray.
In today’s true story from the bible we are going to hear Jesus teaching people how to pray.

“How to Pray” The Jesus Storybook bible p.222 or “The Lord’s Prayer” Beginner’s bible p. 323


1.        Does God like it when we pray and talk to him every day? (Yes! He is always listening to us – to our words we speak and the words and thoughts in our hearts because he loves us)
2.        Do we need to use big and impressive words when we talk to God? (No, he loves us and wants us to talk to him just like we do to someone we love very much)

Talking to God each day is so important and can be really exciting, just like when we spend time talking to our close friends and family. God longs for us to have a close friendship with Him and part of doing that means that we need to spend time praying and talking with Him...and not just talking but learning to listen when he speaks to our hearts too. It’s a little bit hard to understand at first, but the more we talk to God and practice talking to Him the easier and more fulfilling it can become. God is always with us and always ready to listen to us, in our out loud voices and our quiet ones too!

Thank you, Lord God that you love us so much. Thank you that you love to hear us talk to you and that you are always listening. Please help us to always remember to talk to you every day. Amen.

Memory Verse Activities:
Continue practicing the song and actions.

Use photo editing program to make some photos of the kids look really funny/distorted and print them out. Cut them up into puzzles and as you practice the verse and they remember each word or section of the verse they can add another piece of the puzzle and have a great laugh together at the end when they see the crazy photos! 

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