Saturday, 17 March 2012

Day 2 & 3 in our house!

Well Day 2 didn't happen until this morning as we had bible study at our house last night, which means lots of extra kids and adults around! So I decided to save it till this morning and then we also caught up and did day 3 tonight.  I also had to slightly change the craft as I didn't have enough paddle pop sticks to make three we made flat ones on paper instead! Flexibility is a good thing! :o)
The boys drew an outline of the stable before sticking their sticks on!

Even C (2) surprised me with how neatly he could lie the sticks on the line!

Almost done!

E's nativity scene! Complete with a cow on the left and Joseph is apparently sitting down there on the left!

S's nativity scene! Complete with a beautiful blue cross "to remember Jesus"!

C's nativity!
 The boys were so into making their nativities that they ended up going on to make other pictures in a similar way! It's always such a blessing to see them being creative and watching their different personalities and thinking skills coming through!

Ready and set for tonight!

The boys have found their precious what could they be?!
(S had his very precious soft toy Lambie and E had his Buzz!)

" that's the kitchen and this is our it must be next door in the bathroom! Quick S let's go!" Finding their precious things hidden by me!

Hooray Buzz has been found! Great map reading E!
So that was how things went for us today! I wonder if anyone else has been trying things out with their families and if they adapt to other family situations?! I pray so!!!
God Bless till tomorrow! Kate

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