Thursday, 15 March 2012

A few little things...

Some things I forgot to mention....

When we do the treasure hunt here with the boys I tend to buy cheap wrapping paper and wrap the treasure. A little extra effort, but it makes it so much more fun for the kids and makes it easier for them to find if they all look the same! Some days I just do one parcel, others I'll do one for each of the kids.
I also draw a simple floor plan map of the house and each day I'll rub out and change the "star" showing where the treasure is. The boys love trying to follow the map! I think it's almost as exciting as there being treasure at the end!

The other detail that would be helpful to know is that technically the devotions should start today (15.3.12) to get through them all in time for Easter! Since I have been later in getting information up here on the blog than I hoped, you could choose some to miss or do after Easter along the way. Hopefully that doesn't cause anyone too much stress.


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