Monday, 9 April 2012

Devotion Time - Day 28

...and here is the next one to make up for yesterday!!! Enjoy! xo

Day 28

Acts 1-5, John 15
“God sends help” p. 326 in The Jesus Story book Bible

Treasure Hunt Resources:  Materials to make headbands with a flame on them eg. Strips of cardboard, a cardboard flame shape to attach, a stapler to join the head band up! You could decorate and make it have a 3D effect with cellophane, glitter.

Beginning Activity/Chat:  Together construct the headbands and explain that although Jesus had gone back to heaven he had promised to send a helper back to His people. In today’s true story from the bible we are going to hear about Jesus’ promise to the disciples coming true in a very unusual way!

Read The Jesus storybook Bible p. 326 or The Beginner’s Bible p. 473

1.        What was Jesus’ promise to the disciples in yesterday’s story? (Go to Jerusalem and I will send a helper for you)
2.        Who was the special helper? (The Holy Spirit)
3.        What did the Holy Spirit look like in this story (flames on the disciples heads and in their hearts)
4.        Does the Holy Spirit look like that today? (No, not unless God wanted it to)
5.        Is the Holy Spirit living in our hearts today? (Yes! If we have asked Jesus to forgive us and asked him to live in our hearts, then the Holy Spirit is definitely with us!)

How precious it is to know that if we have asked Jesus to forgive us and come and live in our hearts that he promises to send the Holy Spirit to help us as we learn to be more like Jesus every day! We are not alone and even though we can’t see the Holy Spirit or Jesus, we can know that they are right with us and ready to help us whenever we call!

Dear Lord Jesus, Thank you for not leaving us alone here on earth while you are in heaven. Thank you that you have sent us a helper in the Holy Spirit. Please help us to always trust you and to know that you are living in us. Thank you that you have rescued us from all the wrong things we do and that you love us and will never leave us. Amen.

Memory Verse Activities:
Continue practicing the song!

Maybe you could write the memory verse around the band of the head band to remind the children as they wear it that Jesus is their King and they are not alone when they trust in Jesus!

This could be a long bow....You could make a picture of a person who knows Jesus– say with a crown on their head or a cross on their heart, and then a cloud radiating light to represent heaven. Then with some flame shaped cards and cross shaped cards that have the words/sections of the verse written on them and the children have to put them in the right order going between the person and heaven, allowing you to talk and reinforce that as we walk through life between now and when we’ll meet Jesus, if we trust in Him, then we can always know that Jesus and the Holy Spirit are with us and guiding us every step of the way!

Written and Compiled by Kate McIntosh, April 2012

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