Thursday, 5 April 2012

Devotion Time - Day 24

Hi there! I got a little mixed up in yesterday's post and realised that this one is to occur on Good Friday, not yesterdays one! The devotion time yesterday was to focus more on Jesus time praying in the garden and his arrest, saving the crucifixion part of the story for today! Oh well! I hope it doesn't cause too many problems for families using this. Have fun and Enjoy Celebrating Jesus!

Day 24

Matthew 27, Mark 15, Luke 23, John 19
“The sun stops shining” in The Jesus Story Book Bible p. 302

Treasure Hunt Resources: A hammer and nails and Ingredients for resurrection cookies.

Beginning Activities/ Chat: After the children have found the treasure spend some time revising what we read yesterday and ask the children what they think might be going to happen next. Read the story together and put the stickers in the next section of the sticker book.  The hammer and nails might be useful visual tools for the story. 

The Jesus Storybook bible p. 302 or The Beginner’s Bible p. 450

1.        What did the soldiers make Jesus do? (Wear a crown of thorns and carry a big heavy cross and then they made fun of Him)
2.        What did the soldiers do to Jesus up in the hill? (They nailed his hands and feet to the cross and crucified Him)
3.        Had Jesus done anything wrong? (No)
4.        Why did Jesus let the soldiers nail him to the cross? ( Jesus knew that it was all part of God’s perfect plan to rescue us and to forgive us, so that we could be friends with God again)
5.        Where did they take Jesus once he had died? (They put Jesus’ body in a tomb and rolled a big rock in front of it and left a guard outside of it)

After reading the story make some Resurrection Cookies with the kids (recipe here) and talk through the story again.
Or if preferred you could use some of the cross craft ideas from yesterday to make while discussing the story further with your children.

Dear King Jesus, how scary it must have been for you to die like that. Thank you for being prepared to die for us so that all our sins and bad things we do could be forgiven. Please help us to live every day of our lives for you. Keep teaching us from your word, the bible, and help us to grow closer to you each day. Amen.

Memory Verse Activity:
Continue to practice the song/actions.

You could use this Great visual lesson to talk about Jesus and why we needed Him to come and rescue us and why God needed to give His only Son! Maybe you could make the pieces more jigsaw shaped to make it harder, or write the memory verse out on them so that it comes together when the “gap” is bridged by Jesus and His great love for us on the cross!

Written and Compiled by Kate McIntosh, April 2012

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