Saturday, 7 April 2012

Devotion Time - Day 26

Hi there! This is a shorter one today, but important in helping the children understand that Jesus did indeed rise again and came back to see his friends. Hopefully you all have a fabulous Easter together with your families! God bless xo

Day 26

John 20:19-20
“Jesus Returns” p. 459 in The Beginner’s Bible

Treasure Hunt Resources: Blindfolds!

Beginning Activities: Using the blindfolds explain that we are going to take it in turns to add something new to the room we are sitting in and everyone else has to guess once their blindfolds are off what it is!  (So...all but one person have blindfolds on, while one makes the changes!!)

You could also make a flap picture of the disciples sitting in a room and when the flap is opened Jesus is there with them too!

In today’s true story from the bible we are going to hear of something amazing that Jesus did to see his friends!

“Jesus Returns” The Beginner’s Bible p. 459 or The Jesus Storybook bible p. 318-321

1.        Why were the disciples locked in the room? (Because they were afraid that soldiers might come and arrest them)
2.        Who appeared in the room with them? (Jesus!)
3.        Did he come through the door? (No!)
4.        How did the disciples know that he was real? (They touched the scars on his hands and feet and watched Jesus eat fish)

Dear Lord Jesus, Thank you that you are real and that you really have risen from the dead and are alive again! Even though we can’t see you with our eyes please help us to always trust in you and believe in you. Amen.

Memory Verse Activities:
Continue to practice the song/actions together.

Revisit playing one of the earlier games with the verse: treasure hunt for the words, pop the ballons for the words, fishing for them.....

Written and Compiled by Kate McIntosh, April 2012

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